Sunday, April 18, 2021

No Final Solution 4-18-21

Dedicated to that bullying neighbor Everyone’s afraid of...
Oh alligator litigator Just one small bullet Between your ugly eyes Would definitely fix All the problems That you being you comprise But what about The next stinking, ugly, reptilian man Who poses a threat? And the next and the next? It’s all the work I’d have to do More than the serial killing I’d regret. Do I even have enough bullets? Could I tell enough lies Or keep track Of all my shady alibis? Couldn’t live with the guilt Of troubling sins like spies. Haunting my freedom Even behind closed eyes. I know life well, There’s no fast fix Through suffering’s hell And bastards They will always Try to tear you down Nix the murder solution I’d rather choose evolution And keep on being That hunky, for-hire Daddy-touch-lover-clown

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