Saturday, May 1, 2021

Heaven Descending by Erik-Peter Mortensen

A different direction from my engineer, mentor E.P. Mortensen!

Thursday, April 22, 2021


I watch the gloaming
of my years
March on, march on
In spite of fears

Oh passing days
Like big-horse-clouds
She/he, my Soul
So onward steers

Oh, strike the thought
like suicide
That I must stop
My thick oil glide

My dancing hands
On strange men’s breasts
To cease release
Breeds foul duress!

Sensual working
Man-made hours
Soothing muscles cherish
Making smiles from glowers

The tune I dance to
As it plays
The love I sell
Though't never stays

But in sweet cream
There is a trust
To lubricate
Prevents the rust

And lust is all
But nothing more
Than fleeting sun rays
on the floor

Oh how lustrous
Were my smiles
How rapturous
Were these tears

To watch the gloaming
of my days
March on, march on
In spite of fears

Oh passing time
Like big-horse-clouds
She/he, my Soul
Much closer, nears

Sunday, April 18, 2021

No Final Solution 4-18-21

Dedicated to that bullying neighbor Everyone’s afraid of...
Oh alligator litigator Just one small bullet Between your ugly eyes Would definitely fix All the problems That you being you comprise But what about The next stinking, ugly, reptilian man Who poses a threat? And the next and the next? It’s all the work I’d have to do More than the serial killing I’d regret. Do I even have enough bullets? Could I tell enough lies Or keep track Of all my shady alibis? Couldn’t live with the guilt Of troubling sins like spies. Haunting my freedom Even behind closed eyes. I know life well, There’s no fast fix Through suffering’s hell And bastards They will always Try to tear you down Nix the murder solution I’d rather choose evolution And keep on being That hunky, for-hire Daddy-touch-lover-clown

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Tragedy of the Atlanta 8

The Tragedy of Atlanta 8 Please watch my video "On Being Queer Bashed" which I did a few years ago about my experience of being attacked on a New York street by three Latin Teenagers during the "reign" of Mayor David Dinkins back in the early 90's. Whenever we "act out" as humankind on other humans whether it is inconsiderate behavior (not showing up for an appointment, theft, etc.) or violent acting out, we hurt ourselves as a family. May the souls of those lovely people who died by the hands of an ignorant, lost soul, rest in peace. And may we as bodyworkers and clients alike take a moment to at least try to forgive that 21 year-old "addict' in his act of insane, nonsensical vengeance. Amen. As the world begins to become alive again, I am witnessing behavior by clients that in some ways makes me ashamed for them. It is one thing to cherish and to hold dear and it is quite another to obsess, to need to control and to expect certain actions (without an open and honest discussion of what we both want to happen in a session in person). Massage is a healing, lovely experience. And the best way to enjoy it is to give UP your preconceived notions and expectations of what will happen in a session. If we force things on each other, how can that beautiful seed of touch and pleasure, bloom to its fullest extent? Also I highly advise other practitioners to follow my lead and always keep a weapon (Mace, a Taser, a blunt instrument) handy, just in case. This is plain common sense. Desperate times inspire people to do desperate unmindful things. You may buy Mace at Target (it IS legal to carry in N.Y. State; order online and pick-up at any store). Also small but sharp knives can be concealed easily (my straight husband/room mate carries three) at all times. Be careful, be aware and do NOT fall asleep at the wheel. It only takes a moment of hate, stupidity (intentional or accidental) to change the entire course of a person's life. Love yourself fiercely! best Saintorr