Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Bottom to Bottom 2-17-21 by Saintorr

Both being bottoms Our signals get crossed We parley and retreat Trade off “being boss” Like kids playing In the snow We fall on each other Our own days together Come and go Come and go When you’re gone I self-satiate You have your wife Me with my clients Using touch I medicate Later, look out--watch the children With their dogs at play Kicking up snow In little bullies’ fray I am my own master Up on the roof Witness to clouds Static gray ticks Witness to children Building snow boulders To sit upon As kings with sticks Bottom on bottom Snow days come and go COVID fear Cannot discourage Our touch heal Sex flow Bottom to bottom I crave you to breed But these words Of manly love for you Never will you read.

Fuentes de Vida - Keeping Distance Official Music Video HD

Monday, February 1, 2021

Vernum Floruit-Rescore of "Spring" by Erik-Peter Mortensen for the #scor...

My extremely talented engineer, friend and mentor, Erik-Peter Mortensen composed the music for this. Great cause too

#scorerelief2021 #nycmasseur

#stevenorr #saintorr