Sunday, November 22, 2020

Ode to Sky


Ode to Sky

c. 2020 by Saintorr









Silken sun rays

Purify me

Here starts my day

Sing songs for free


In this HIGH sacral space

I rediscover me

Up on roof

Where hawk meets sea


Leave behind trolls

Natty nowhere emails

Promises sex

Devotion derails


Ode to it

Owned it

Boned on the rooftop

Sold to it, stoned it

Honed it on the rooftop


Fucking the air

In my gold shadow dance

Let go despair

Embrace romance


I come here again

To know me--the man

Feel that longing to soar

Nurture gold in my hand


I stand here

To know me

Be the man I am

Feeling burning spear rays

Melt the detours of men


I stake claims here


the man I was

to love me little boy

because and because



Ode to it

honed it

Boned it on the rooftop

Sold it, untold it

Owned it on the rooftop


A feeling soul high

Below, hungry ghost

Come sovereign of sky

Let go, let coast


Here touch me happy

Here touch me dream

In infinite air

Just passing jet steam


Writing sky ode

Releasing my load

Hip curve elevate

Enter streaming cloud mode


Sacred rays melting memes

Awakening mind

Evolving light dreams

where before was all blind


Silken sun rays

Purify me

I, King of sky

Empowering, free


Ode to it

Owned it

Boned it on the rooftop

Sold it, controlled it

Shone it on rooftop