Sunday, December 27, 2020

Fan Letter to Tori Amos 12-26-20






I hope this letter finds you and your family well, healthy and happy! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steven Orr (artist name “Saintorr”).


For many years I have never considered myself to be a fan of anyone, excepting myself!

Back in my teenage years, I was deeply entranced, hypnotized, addicted to and inspired by Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Chuck Mangione, etc. and I wept when Janis died (so you see I’ve got some years on me LOL!). Then the Disco years came and I discovered dancing LOL! However I am writing this letter to you to tell you how deeply you have touched me with your “Reindeer King” song. Even now I can easily come to tears with the audio memory of the track playing in my head. Thank you for this tremendously powerful gift of music. So there it is, I have become a forever fan of you! That is the gist of this whole letter. If you would like to read on, please do!


I am a bodyworker, M4M masseur, songwriter/musician and published writer living in New York. Two nights ago I was watching the interview you did with the lovely blond gal more than a year ago just before your “Native Invader” tour. You touched me deeply, especially when you spoke of the muses and how you listened to them. The cynic in me suddenly took note! You opened my eyes to listening to MY OWN muse! I think when I was younger I listened more and currently, especially the past two years I have begun to listen again. Anyway this letter is more a tribute/missive to you, not so much about me.


The magic, grace, power and beauty of your “Reindeer King” made and continues to make a lasting impression on me. I was even thinking about doing a cover of it. What an honor it would be to have you listen!


Thank you for this gorgeous song. Further, thank you for being you. An artist, creative spirit, intuitive power-magical-wizard witch—for inspiring me and reminding me all the possibilities of music!


I am also a survivor of sexual abuse from my Mother. This is way too much info. But I wanted to share that with you, and tell you that I empathize with your experiences in that realm of “fight or flight-survival.”


Also, I too was, at one point in my life, “a singing lampshade.” In my early years of being in New York, nothing would make me happier than becoming a so-called “Professional musician.” And after reaching my goal, it then took me about a decade to recover from the professional music world and re-discover my love of music. Your time and experience speaks worlds of your strength in being able to keep with it. I envy that and so respect your sheer strength.


In the interview you mentioned you do read letters from fans. I hope you read this. I hope you realize the depth of your power to inspire others even on an almost mystical level. And no I’m not a stalking so don’t worry about that! I’m more a ferocious, dancing queen, trans type, a survivor and a broken warrior who is singing and loving music while I walk my way slowly toward the rainbow bridge at this golden time/point in my life.


And of course now a word from my sponsor (my “Saintorr muse”)...


I co-wrote a gorgeous song called “Keeping Distance” online now.  My buddy and collaborator Fuentes de Vida is the artist on the recording. You can find the track in on my Youtube channel...


or Google my YouTube channel stevenorr54, that’s another way to find my channel but the link above will take you directly to our song.


It’s a love song for those we have lost during these dark times and a monument to not being able to touch our loved ones or witness their last breath; but still being able to find peace strength and hope in the knowing that even though we cannot touch, the love goes on, infinitely, eternally, etc.


If you are interested too, excerpts from my novel “Comfort” may be found



God bless and may you and your loved ones and family

be safe and secure in these Twilight Zone times.





N.Y., N.Y. 12-27-20